4 Reasons Your Workforce Planning Program Could Be Stuck in Neutral

Is your workforce planning program at a standstill?  Or, maybe you are at the beginning stages and feel like you can’t get traction.  If you are feeling frustrated and asking yourself, “Why can’t we get buy in?”  Don’t worry, in large corporations the gears of progress grind slowly. Getting backing can be difficult in any size company.  After all, you are trying to make a change to a very fundamental process.  In other words, it is normal to feel like you are stuck in neutral.  Here are a few areas you can look at to address this condition.

  1. Low connection to your business strategy.

Meet with the business managers and review their strategy.  Make sure they understand what you are seeking to accomplish and that your efforts will help them execute their strategy.  It may help to create a detailed PowerPoint presentation to show your process steps.  You will want to incorporate how strategically aligning the human capital is as important as other routine operational business indicators.

  1. Organizational changes hard to keep up with.

If you have recently gone through a re-organization or downsizing then the new organizational structure may not be in line with your planning process.  Take the time to review the strategic workforce planning needs with senior leadership.  After a re-organization, the strategic human capital plan becomes more important than ever.  Make sure you are part of the process.

  1. Struggle to introduce new competencies or update the current model.

Competency models are an integral part of strategic workforce planning but the many companies struggle to make the change.  For example, competency models developed 5 years ago may not support your current business strategy.  In this case, you will need to set up an internal task force to help guide the process and secure champions to make sure the new models are integrated with the other HR platforms like performance management and talent acquisition.

  1. Technology doesn’t support what we would like to do.

It is not unusual to be stuck when it comes to finding a suitable software process to support your workforce planning program.  We have been in this area for a number of years and have seen many attempts to integrate a strategic human capital plan with an existing home grown software process.  Or, often we see the attempts to use an excel spread sheet to track the changes in the organizational workforce plan.  Neither one may be your solution.  If this is the major stumbling block then it will take a concerted effort to understand and identify what platform will work best for your company.  In future blogs we will detail technology options you may want to consider.

As a closing statement, don’t allow the feeling stuck in neutral to distract you in your efforts.  In some cases seeking outside support or professional guidance may help.  If that is the case, please reach out, we are glad to help.

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